How four points can help you make better decisions and better results.

Understanding how violating any of these two psychological principles or two behavioral rules affect all behavior, decisions, and outcomes:

  1. You choose pleasure over pain.
  2. You rationalize anything to get what you want.
  3. The more you do for people the less they will learn to do for themselves.
  4. You cannot build personal accountability in a micromanagement system.

Violations of these points are taken from the news about politics, business, education, sports, parenting, and relationships to explain their potential effect on short or long term results.

Universal Applications

These 4 points are as irrefutable as gravity and Newton’s Laws of Motion, but are not applied everyday by a variety of people who make the news and laws.

Current events will be reviewed two or more times each week from the behaviorist view that is different from the view of a licensed clinical psychologist.

We are a human animal with common behavioral tendencies regardless of our age, sex, sexual preference, education, social status, race, religion, politics, job title, income, net worth, or culture.

Once understood in the context of behavior YOU will make better decisions, and know how the decisions of others may or may not be good in the short or long term.


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