The Universe and Common-Sense Decisions

          Why are you here? What purpose will you fulfill? These are philosophical questions most people who live day-to-day never think about.

            You are born and hopefully have parents or know where you came from. They are supposed to set an example and teach you how to survive and prosper. But somehow in the daily routines we forget to think. We let out emotions run our lives.

            We are born with five key senses, but seldom learn to develop and use all five. We are predominantly visual. What you see is what you get. So, you watch the news and listen to your friends. You learn all about the problems in the world and with your friends.

            Do you stop to wonder why is there so much conflict? Well, if you did not have conflict, you would never be challenged to figure out solutions to those problems. In our world called Earth there are all kinds of people with different cultures, education, moral values, economic woes, religions, and views based on their life’s experiences.

            This often creates haves and have nots. Those who learn a work ethic generally have acquired what they own. Then there are those who inherit massive wealth. And there are peoples who are disadvantaged from birth for a variety of reasons.

            Human behavior always takes the path of least resistance and self-preservation. What early behaviors get reinforced determines short and long-term outcomes. If anyone learns to lie, cheat, and steal and suffers no painful consequence, they are rewarded and reinforced to keep doing those kinds of behaviors.

            Early discipline in the home does make a difference. But with so many single parent homes and cultures dealing with overpopulation life is not so precious. Moral values suffer when economics cannot support life in those terms.

            Let me make a few points.  The earth is only one planet in our solar system that revolves around one small star estimated to be a huge ball of ever-expanding helium. Our sun is estimated to have a lifespan of about six or seven billion years and is already at about three billion years old. And we wonder if there is life on other planets in our small solar system.

            Our solar system is one small part of the Milky Way galaxy with billions of stars like our sun. We presume there could be other solar system surrounding each of those stars, and question if life exists like ours.

            Then there is the religious question about Heaven or Hell. Some religions believe if you don’t believe as they do you will NOT go to Heaven. Some religious followers even believe you must be killed if you do not believe as they do. Such emotional discord.

            My answer is why would you give a damn where I go in the “afterlife”.  Most all of us will be dead in 100 years or less. Religion does offer hope for a better quality of life assuming we are blessed by God. But then you forget personal accountability to make something of yourself to provide for your own needs and for others.

            God gifts us with life and abilities we can become skilled at doing and producing. Our job is to learn what those abilities are very early to develop and use them to provide for ourselves. This requires a work ethic to become educated.

            You can’t teach stupid. And if you early on learned to not work to become educated so you could resort to lie, cheat, and steal from others YOU WILL SUFFER CONSEQUENCES that will not improve your quality of life.

            One universal fact in all cultures is no one values anything they get for free. Value only comes from have a goal and working to earn what you have.

            Any actions to the contrary such as no painful consequence for maladaptive behaviors only rewards those to repeat the same behaviors. So, what is happening in the cultures within the United States – home of the brave and land of the free?

            No cash bail so those who commit serious crimes are rewarded to repeat those offenses. Duh! Open borders allow anyone to come on in and be given free everything – a plane or bus ticket anywhere, free food, clothing, medical care and even a cell phone.

I’m a retired public-school superintendent. For any student to get enrolled in a public school all they need to produce are a few documents as proof they live in the school’s district. With similar last family names living with relatives those extra students now require more teachers, staff, and often new schools and those local taxpayers’ foot the bill! But instead of getting jobs, earning an income, and paying their fair share in taxes instead they are given handouts and subsidies to not work upwards of $1400 per person per month.

Try getting those kinds of benefits sneaking into France, Italy, or Mexico.

Keeping the U.S. Constitution strong poses many conflicts by those who don’t want to follow it for their own political gain that would only serve one part of the population but not all over time. That Constitution guarantees freedoms not afforded by other countries.

So, why are there emotional groups of uneducated people who want to tell you how to live your life? It is all about control for you to do what they want? The uneducated will follow like lambs to the slaughter. The educated will resist with fervor in their hearts and minds to figure out solutions. Often, that means a change in leaders to better guide the masses.

These are the pendulums of change. When the pain becomes too great, the pendulum swings back with a vengeance.

PS. If you give a man enough rope, he will eventually hang himself. Do you see this playing out today?

Obviously, the more you do for people, the less they learn to do for themselves. Add to that how emotional groups will argue and rationalize to get what they want despite facts that prove unworkable for lack of funding.  But pleasure overrules pain with no accountability. No wonder so many bad decisions are being made.

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