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Name: Dr.Pete Andersen
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Dr. Pete has a Ph.D. with a background in behavioral psychology. As a top performer, he has had a lifelong interest in studying the personalities of other top performers to learn what strategies keep them motivated to achieve their results. To help improve performance in less time, he wanted to help others learn from their examples or mistakes. He deisgned "The Behaviorist View" to help people make better short and long term decisions. He created four simple points and uses examples from the news who violate one to all four of those points making poor decisions that hurt their performance outcomes.

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Dec 22


The dictionary defines bias as prejudice meaning a strong inclination of the mind or a preconceived opinion about something or someone. I recall a drawing in Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Two people can look directly at this picture.  And one person will see an old lady with a shawl …

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Nov 04

We The People

We The People             I decided to write this blog to help you understand how to apply four points that affect the kinds of decisions you make.  Decisions often have unintended consequences because you don’t foresee the “big picture.” Yet you will still rationalize your decisions to get what you want.  (Pt.#2) You want to …

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Nov 03


Choices           We the American people are about to choose a new leader.  As typical of any close contest with a lot at stake for the future there are false accusations and mudslinging labels applied to portray either candidate as good or bad for the country. Using the four points from my banner above, I …

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Oct 07


Religious Extremism All throughout history there have been religious extremists who have committed heinous and inhuman acts intent on controlling humanity.  Their purpose is to create terror in the hearts and minds of those who would oppose their idealistic views. As a behaviorist I am often in conflict with religion and its ideals.  What is …

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Oct 07


Quid Pro Quo             At first you wouldn’t think that this phrase would have anything to do with making a better decision.  Then read Webster’s dictionary definition:   something that is given to you or done for you in return for something you have given to or done for someone else. Any half-wit low intelligent fool …

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Oct 07


Commander-In-Chief   If you live in the United States, the President is the Commander-In-Chief over all the military.  During President O’bama’s term more top brass have either been fired or resigned than any other previous President. To be a strong leader requires followers.  So many have not been willing to follow the policies set forth …

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Oct 07


Business             Last time I checked our country, the United States of America, is run by business.  Most business are small to medium sized companies.  They employ the most people and not big business like General Electric or Hewlett-Packard as you may think. It makes sense that to know how to create jobs in that …

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Aug 04

Subtle Plan How Muslims Want to Infiltrate

Subtle Plan: How Muslims Want to Infiltrate   I have several friends who get confidential information from a variety of sources.  One sent me this message a few years ago about how Muslim males will immigrate to other countries. They will use their charms to find young women who want and need to be loved …

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Aug 01


Peace or Conflict?   For the past two years I have listened to news reports of the growth of religious Muslim radicals.  As a behaviorist I try to see both sides of issues to apply my four points to help others make better short and long term decisions. On the peace side I see millions …

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Aug 05

How Behaviorists Are Different From Psychologists


The most prominent behaviorist was B.F. Skinner.  In simple terms, he explained that the brain is like a black box.  The difficulty is in what the mind is thinking. BF Skinner Black Box Information in the form of sensory cues and learned strategies go in as input. Observed behaviors or performance comes out as output.  …

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