Personal Accountability

Personal Accountability

The purpose of this blog is to help you make better short and long-term decisions based on applying those four standard points at the top of each post. In my view, an intelligent person is one who has projection ability. That is to think and plan-ahead…if I do X what will Y be?

We are in an age of “cancel culture.” You must ask why? Is America and all its freedoms still the beacon of society? Or why would so many people of other cultures want to come here?

I am a behaviorist. By my observation there is not one culture that values anything they get for free. So, why is one political party so bent on providing more welfare and free goods?

America is built on the idea of opportunity, but one party has killed that idea to make it one of entitlement.  Yet every hard-working American with a work ethic values what they do. They value the connections helping others and themselves and their families. They value satisfying their personal needs and being self-reliant. Some call this pride. Others call this patriotism.

I have observed a certain group of people some call liberals that do not have the same values – to give and help others. Whenever, something goes wrong and they do not achieve the result they wanted or expected others to give to them, they blame those other people.

So, observe personal accountability in others. Who shows it and who does not?  Who are the ones quick to blame others for their faults and failures?

The first most important lesson I modeled and taught my six children was personal accountability. I never accepted their excuse to blame anyone but themselves for lack of effort.

This is an important paradigm shift. The quality of effort equals the quality of the reward. Poor effort gets poor results. And quality focused effort with a realistic and achievable goal increases your probability of a favorable result.

All six of my children have college degrees and gone on to successful careers and good incomes to support their families. All are good citizens and support our U.S. Constitution. I and they are appalled at the total disdain for upholding the laws of the land under the principles in the Constitution.

I had to check what is written in the Presidential Oath of Office. It is very clear to swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America! It is only eight months into this new Presidency. What do you think?

Are our leaders making good decisions for all Americans? But what about you? What do you think? Elections do have consequences and we are seeing those play out in front of our eyes. What can you do?

First, stop blaming everyone else. How did you vote last? How will you vote now? What values were you considering? Idealistic promises or pragmatic facts how things were? Are those promises giving you the ideal results you expected? Who told you? Stop and evaluate how you made your decision. Was it based on fact or emotion to clarify your thinking?

The benchmark I always use is RESULTS. You can’t choose leaders only based on whether you like them. Like a tough love tough-minded parent your children may not always like you. But you are their parent and don’t need to be liked and be their best friend. If you choose that path, you’ll give everything you can to buy their love.

But remember, no one values anything they get for free.  I chose to value respect and taught the same to my children. To honor your mother and father and respect your elders. That respect also applies to personal performance knowing if you gave it a valued effort.

Early on growing up, I chose to accept personal accountability. I view myself as an average person who tries to do a better than average job. That philosophy has kept me grounded and served me well to be a top performer.  I did not make excuses or blame others, but instead gracioiusly thanked all those who helped me.

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