There is an old phrase. “If you give a man enough rope, he will hang himself.”  Of course, this is a metaphor applied to anyone who boasts about a position that is wrong in the eyes and ears of the listener. In politics it is the “flip-flopper” who changes their opinion based on the critical reviews of the people they are trying to appeal and convince of their view.

Applying the four standard points of this column, keep in mind anyone can rationalize anything to get what they want. But results matter as do consequences of past decisions made to support the view at the time.

Quality of life is the benchmark most people gauge their lives in the moment. In politics the catchphrase has and perhaps will always be, “It’s the economy stupid.” This leads to the first psychological principle. People will go for pleasure and avoid pain. People always vote their pocketbooks. When there is pain at the gas pump and grocery store to feed your family that resonates with a large cross-section of Americans and people everywhere.

So, when the results of policies do not match the rhetoric and propaganda sewn by a political party this alludes to being the “hangman.” In any book or game, results matter. When anyone keeps professing a lie as if it is the truth, they become a sociopath to rationalize anything to get what they want.  That is power and control and wealth over the people who would elect them to office.

Hypocrisy sets in when past opinions and views are changed to support a new position. All behavior is driven by a personal philosophy. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. A political candidate can say one thing and believe that ideal because it is a part of their personal philosophy in how they view their lives and want to judge others how to live their lives like theirs for personal gain.

But, too often, that is not the will or philosophy seen in the values of the American worker with a solid work ethic to earn the rewards of his/her labors. More recently to reward students $10,000 to reduce their student loan debt they perhaps should not have occurred in the first place, and then bill the American hard-working taxpayer to the benefit of a select group without the work ethic or college education is a slap in the face.  The result is a “hangman” philosophy.

Add to this example idealistic policies toward energy, immigration, the economy, supply chain, abortion, school curricula, and perhaps most important denial of law and order to maintain a civil society. All Presidents take an “Oath” to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States.  If that “Oath” is openly violated, then the only recourse is to “Impeach” that President. Then the “hangman” rings true.

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