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Dr. Pete has a Ph.D. with a background in behavioral psychology. As a top performer, he has had a lifelong interest in studying the personalities of other top performers to learn what strategies keep them motivated to achieve their results. To help improve performance in less time, he wanted to help others learn from their examples or mistakes. He deisgned "The Behaviorist View" to help people make better short and long term decisions. He created four simple points and uses examples from the news who violate one to all four of those points making poor decisions that hurt their performance outcomes.

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The Universe and Common-Sense Decisions

          Why are you here? What purpose will you fulfill? These are philosophical questions most people who live day-to-day never think about.             You are born and hopefully have parents or know where you came from. They are supposed to set an example and teach you how to survive and prosper. But somehow in the …

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Personal Philosophy

  Personal Philosophy You may not know this, but your personal philosophy has a subconscious effect on your behavior. Philosophy is more than an attitude and plays a role in your bias and thinking. Philosophy is defined as a discipline comprising at its core logic, aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology – pursuit of wisdom.  Philosophy …

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Zero Sum

Zero Sum   Zero sum is defined as for me to win you must lose. Loyal people are indoctrinated to support their team regardless of philosophy, ideals, and policy that has gone astray from its original foundations. Neither U.S. political party has the same ideals, and values it subscribed to fifty years ago. Perhaps only …

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Hangman          There is an old phrase. “If you give a man enough rope, he will hang himself.”  Of course, this is a metaphor applied to anyone who boasts about a position that is wrong in the eyes and ears of the listener. In politics it is the “flip-flopper” who changes their opinion based …

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Climate Change and Common Sense

Climate Change and Common Sense          In recent years, a debate has raged over climate change. It creates a war between common sense and science. Common sense borders on logic and probabilities. Science is supposed to be based on The Scientific Method and not opinion. Fossil fuels are being blamed for creating excessive amounts …

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Parental Discipline

Parental Discipline As a parent of six kids – 5 sons and 1 daughter – that include triplets, I have some experience raising and disciplining children. I was also a high school Dean to discipline students before I became a licensed school superintendent. As a behaviorist I see behaviors by the same groups of people. …

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The Myth of Democrat Progressive Idealism

The Myth of Democrat Progressive Idealism   Consider how if you violate any one of the four main points in my behaviorist view does not lead to a beneficial short or long-term decision. The focus point today is: “anyone can rationalize anything to get what they want.” Elections do have consequences. This November 2021 election …

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Personal Accountability

Personal Accountability The purpose of this blog is to help you make better short and long-term decisions based on applying those four standard points at the top of each post. In my view, an intelligent person is one who has projection ability. That is to think and plan-ahead…if I do X what will Y be? …

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Speed Bumps and Chain Brakes

Speed Bumps and Chain Brakes A couple of weeks ago I was driving in San Diego traffic.  We were moving along about 80 miles per hour just fine.  But there was always someone who couldn’t stand to be behind anyone.  C’mon some 10 year old beat up pick up trucks went by me that looked …

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions             Many people in all cultures like to make resolutions to change their behaviors for the new year. Is this you? Read the four standard points of this blog in the header to apply. Then ask yourself, “Are you rationalizing your resolution to get what you want?”  Are you serious, or just …

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