Quid Pro Quo

            At first you wouldn’t think that this phrase would have anything to do with making a better decision.  Then read Webster’s dictionary definition:   something that is given to you or done for you in return for something you have given to or done for someone else.

Any half-wit low intelligent fool must believe that when a person – perhaps a political person – gives a speech and is paid $400,000-600,000 that the buyer is expecting something more than the words in the speech in return for their investment.

I know several highly paid and very effective speakers who are paid very well because of their celebrity, knowledge, and skills as experts.  People in the audience want to identify with and maybe get their picture taken with them to use in their publicity.

But highly paid speakers are very few and those very best ones are not paid nearly as much as Hillary or Bill Clinton for their hour talk.  Tony Robbins is highly paid and he delivers a positive message to huge audiences.

Les Brown has spoken to full stadiums packed with 75,000 people of all kinds.

Do you believe the small audiences of wall street businesses are getting more pleasure than pain listening to and identifying with Hillary or Bill Clinton?  What have they promised in return for their presence?  We may never know until much later.

Yes, there are people who support and rationalize this behavior to get what they want, but there is no accountability or transparency to what is promised in return for such a hefty fee.  There is no oversight or micromanagement to attest to the assumed favor.

As an American I’m tired of the false promises and lies without transparency.  How much are we being sold out to whom?  As taxpayers we get stuck with the bill – always – while those making the promises using our dime seem to get richer.

Perhaps we all should try to form our own tax exempt foundation and pocket the proceeds if people are dumb enough to believe all their funds are being used for charity support.  If in doubt, check the reported payroll of the top executives of any charitable foundation, and learn what actual percentage of your contribution goes to help.

I just learned that Chelsea Clinton, Hillary and Bill’s daughter gets a $950,000 annual salary? Surprise!!  What does she do for that?  Maybe we’re in the wrong business and need to find a way to advantage ourselves beyond what is reality in the U.S. for all the rest of us hard working folk.

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