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Religious Extremism All throughout history there have been religious extremists who have committed heinous and inhuman acts intent on controlling humanity.  Their purpose is to create terror in the hearts and minds of those who would oppose their idealistic views. As a behaviorist I am often in conflict with religion and its ideals.  What is …

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Subtle Plan How Muslims Want to Infiltrate

Subtle Plan: How Muslims Want to Infiltrate   I have several friends who get confidential information from a variety of sources.  One sent me this message a few years ago about how Muslim males will immigrate to other countries. They will use their charms to find young women who want and need to be loved …

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Peace or Conflict?   For the past two years I have listened to news reports of the growth of religious Muslim radicals.  As a behaviorist I try to see both sides of issues to apply my four points to help others make better short and long term decisions. On the peace side I see millions …

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