The Passing of Rush Limbaugh

The Passing of Rush Limbaugh

I learned of the passing of Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio icon. Over the years I was never an addicted listener. But whenever I had the chance, I’d tune in. There were times while driving long distances between my medical sales accounts, Rush would keep me awake so I would not fall asleep driving my car.

Over the years I came to admire his foresight. He had opinions I found were insightful and rarely wrong. It was as if Rush could and often did predict the future so you could be prepared.

My Ph.D. studies focused at my choosing to be in behavioral, educational, and personality psychology. I have found this knowledge helps me understand what motivates people’s emotions and behaviors.

Rush, in my opinion, was a master behaviorist. He could explain what motivated political speech and actions of our leaders in government. I was also raised in the Midwest and exposed to conservative values. My dad was a blue-collar worker who educated himself into a white-collar position. I learned a work ethic in the home. And my mother was the religious leader and stabilizing force in our family.

I was the first in my family and relatives to attend college. I was a late bloomer. My national test scores were so poor my counselor advised I should go to a trade school. And for a time, I thought about being a cabinet maker because I was good building wood projects.

Ultimately, I advanced my education career with post-doctoral graduate courses to become a school superintendent. And I began to give talks to teachers at regional and state conferences on how to use intrinsic motives to improve student performance.

Today as a student of human behavior, I am proud to say I am a behaviorist, a conservative, and a Republican. In early April this year I became an Amazon bestseller when I published, The 3 Secret Skills of Top Performers – Powerful Lessons in Transformational Leadership.

When I think of how both political parties have changed over the years, I use critical thinking skills I learned in high school. In English class we had to learn to write compare-and-contrast themes. So, I’ve used this same approach to compare-and-contrast the platforms of both parties.

A second behavioral approach I’ve taken is to observe what is good policy for all Americans. Because I have a background in sport psychology, I learned what zero-sum means. For me to win, you have to lose, no matter what the cost. And this is how I view political parties and their platforms.

Rush Limbaugh consistently pointed out these major differences in the political platforms. To me, these differences are so obvious. I often wonder how anyone with a limited eighth grade education cannot see the error in following leaders who espouse negative and false ideals that will not help all Americans.

My Indiana University School of Journalism was named after war correspondent Ernie Pyle. Ernie would be appalled to see how reporters are no longer “journalists.” Media moguls shape the narrative and truth be damned so long as ratings go up and advertising dollars keep them in business.

Average news anchors make millions per year so they will say and do anything to keep their gravy train rolling. Now we are brainwashed with repeated propaganda that when repeated often people think that is the truth. This is sort of like “where there is smoke, there must be fire.”

As a behaviorist I believe people must learn to think, act, and do for themselves. We were founded on the ideals of opportunity and not entitlements. But all that has changed. Now the expectation is everyone is entitled to get everything for free and not have to work for anything.

Yet, the basic behavioral notion is no one values anything they get for free. You don’t have to value another man’s good fortune from his/her own labors. You can take from the rich because you are entitled to have what they have. There are no consequences for robbing, pillaging, and plundering others. So where is the incentive to become educated and work hard to improve the quality of your life when others are rewarded for doing nothing and taking from you?

This is happening all over the world in other affluent cultures for the same reasons. And political leaders do nothing because it would be like killing the Golden Goose to line their own pockets.

How else would all our political leaders get so rich on their small salaries? They are not allowed to keep their campaign funds, but somehow do. Or what kind of Quid Pro Quo is rewarded after leaving office? Money laundering?

Hypocrisy abounds in Washington, DC. And the media says and does nothing to call it out because a small group of rich folks control the narrative and keep the ratings alive. And those anchors who work for those media are motivated to keep their high incomes while good hard-working Americans become their political pawns.

If you dare to disagree, you face the onslaught of contrived opinion to ruin your life. It has a name now, “Cancel Culture.” So, people live in fear of speaking out on the issues.

As a behaviorist I’ve noted one key fact. Whenever a liberal cannot defend the logic of their position as for instance what is good policy for all Americans, have you noticed how they start to yell, use foul language, and name calling? Anyone who disagrees with their opinion is automatically a racist.

On the other hand, I view most conservatives as church going true believers in God and do their hard-working patriotic duty to support law and order and our Constitution. Liberals want you to believe the Constitution is what they believe, and not stand for our Flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance or support free speech unless it comes from them.

I wonder how many people voted who are not a citizen or were registered to vote? I believe there are many who have come to America and paid taxes in stores for years and never learned what is required to become a legal citizen. To learn government laws and our pass our Constitution. But somehow when renewing their given state drivers license, just check the box they are a citizen and get mailed a voter registration card and then a ballot. And no one is checking the validity. Heck, dead people are still voting. I see nothing wrong with proving your identity to vote in person, or verify you to get an absentee ballot.

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