Mitigate Your Risk

Mitigate Your Risk

Human behavior is what it has become. God gave us a brain, but for some I think they check their brain at the door. News media portray the news as truth and factual, but it’s really what they want you to hear. Journalism is dead.

News anchors make millions and so many never vet their stories and only borrow from each other. That’s easy. And when all the narrative is the same messaging, patrons of the news start to believe what is reported.

This is like where there’s smoke there is fire. Whatever is reported must be true because all the news reports the same narrative. How naïve we are to believe that.

As a behaviorist I keep one idea in my head all the time. I learned the purpose of a good philosophy and applied that as a teacher and school superintendent. And now I apply that same philosophy to my 15 grandchildren.

You must learn how to think, act, and do for yourself, and eventually help others learn what you know to make a difference.

As a former school superintendent, educating pupils learned helplessness, and dumbing down curricula so the poorest student with no work ethic can pass is a huge mistake.  In my view, point #1 is you choose pleasure over pain.  Pain is avoided. That is natural behavior.

If you fail often enough the pain mounts and you choose to avoid that. You acquire a work ethic and educate yourself. No culture in the world values anything given for free.

You strike your finger with a hammer once and you quickly learn to hold the nail correctly. You stub your toes or step on glass and get cut, and you quickly learn the value of wearing shoes. You must have enough smarts to learn projection to see the future. This is to mitigate your own risk.

In these severe Covid pandemic times if you are at risk, then you must decide how and when to avoid contacts and mitigate your own risk. But instead, a government feels compelled to issue mandates and enforce laws because they assume people are incapable of making those kinds of tough decisions.

So, in the process everyone must pay the same price. Perhaps because a small minority never learned to behave and have been directed all their lives. I hate to see the ultimate price of death be the solution. But the news can educate, and let the listener decide. This is to mitigate your own risk. It only requires a little foresight to project end results.

But when you violate one or more of the 4 points, you never get a good short or long-term solution. It is always your job to take personal accountability for your behaviors or suffer painful consequences.

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