Root Causes

Root Causes

Every problem has a solution. But lately those solutions are band aids that offer only a temporary fix. And yes, that solution may have to be implemented to curb the systemic problem.

I’ve lived longer than most people who offer solutions to know there is a difference in each proposal. I am a behaviorist and have observed changes in cultures and societies in general.

What I believe is the root cause for all problems that are surfacing now and will continue to worsen is a lack of discipline in the home. I attribute this to affluence. All over the world as cultures and societies become more affluent you are seeing a rise in similar systemic problems of violence and lack of respect for fellow mankind.

All motivation is centered about satisfaction of needs and values. When values go down and needs go up you will always have violence as people believe they are entitled to have what you have earned. This alludes to one of my key points that anyone can rationalize anything to get what they want.

With affluence, parents want their child to have what they were not able to have at the same early age. I go back to Dr. Spock who wrote, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care after World War II that became the trusted parenting source for women. It’s now in it’s tenth edition and has been criticized for advocating permissiveness and an expectation of instant gratification to meet a young child’s instinctual needs.

The popularized attitude was to “spare the rod and spoil the child.” If you spank your child, you reinforce the child to be violent to get what they want. So, children put on tantrums and got most everything they want. But do they need those things only to satisfy their immediate gratification?

The idea of a work ethic was lost on future generations not only in America but all over the world as cultures and societies emerged more affluent after being depressed from The Great Depression era and World War conflicts added to by The Korean War and Viet Nam in attempts to stem Communist aggression.

Values can only be enhanced through a work ethic attitude to learn to provide for one’s own needs. But with so many single parent families struggling to survive and affluent families who shower their children with gifts without doing one chore, those values have steadily gone down hill. So, now we have generations of younger people who have never been disciplined or learned how to provide for themselves. But, instead, expect everyone else to provide whatever they want. And stupidly parents and society has given that to them.

America was founded on the idea of entrepreneurship and NOT entitlement. This is irrespective of race, color, religion, or nationality. This idea drastically changed when President Roosevelt put forth his New Deal after The Great Depression worldwide economic collapse. Our Constitution has been the beacon for all societies is under constant attack – personal freedoms, State’s Rights, voting (I thought you had to be citizen to even register to vote and prove that identity to be mailed a ballot).

Fast forward to today emerging from a great worldwide pandemic and job loss. Needs are high and values are low. This is the root cause of the violence we are seeing especially in major cities with a congestion of people vying to have more by hook or by crook.

Progressivism is more like permissivism. But here is the bottom line. In all worldwide cultures and civilizations, the behavior of all human beings is “you do not value anything you get for free.”

So, why do leaders believe in the notion that giving away more will provide anything less? To be liked and stay in power so they can enjoy a much higher quality of life while the masses struggle in poverty? That my readers, is socialism. And the root cause is lack of early discipline that started with The New Deal and Dr. Spock for the last five generations.

What is the answer to solve this systemic problem? Necessity is the mother of invention. To satisfy personal needs takes discipline and a work ethic that needs to be taught in schools. Instead, a movement is in place to teach CRT – Critical Race Theory and a 1619 Project that simply divides American values of entrepreneurship and work ethic to value what you earn.

Stop self-esteem psychology that any second grader can see through is false. Stop rewarding participation trophies. Stop free handouts without repayment from those who are able. Consider all four points in format.  Without experiencing pain of failure, you never increase the motivation to avoid pain to gain pleasure from working harder to succeed.

At children’s baseball games I hear parents screaming to soothe the pain of their child’s errors on the field, “It’s OK Johnny,” and then doing nothing to teach how to do better to gain success and feel pleasure in their own efforts.

How often do you hear progressives rationalizing a lame argument to get what they want from you? And if you disagree the conversation gets louder and resorts to name calling to deflect from the argument.  One last point for parents and leaders. You cannot build personal accountability in a micro-management system. Actions must have consequences. But if you remove them, you must accept the lawlessness and lack of respect for authority and values you reinforce.

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