We The People

We The People

            I decided to write this blog to help you understand how to apply four points that affect the kinds of decisions you make.  Decisions often have unintended consequences because you don’t foresee the “big picture.”

Yet you will still rationalize your decisions to get what you want.  (Pt.#2) You want to control your life and that may require the micromanagement of others.  (Pt.#4) Or worse you think you are helping people by giving them what they want like free or reduced healthcare or college tuition, but you haven’t taught them how to obtain anything through their own efforts. (Pt.#3)

What others will quickly see in your decisions is your preference for pleasure over pain often at their expense. (Pt.#1) You get richer while they get poorer because you are using them.

Zero sum decisions are like contests.  For every winner you have to have a loser.  Politically, the truth no longer matters.  It is all about winning at all costs.  Countries become more divisive and downplay the real truth and issues in order to win.  Winning is not about what is good for “We The People.”

In this current political contest for President of the United States, there are two main parties.  Neither resembles what their party has stood for over the years.  Hardcore believers are willing to forget mounting evidence against either candidate.  The truth no longer matters because winning is all that matters. (Pt.#2)

America’s founding fathers were mostly rich landowners and businessmen.  They wanted to serve all the people’s interests by ensuring equal opportunity.  They never hinted anything to be an entitlement that the government owed you anything simply because you were a citizen, and certainly nothing if you entered the country illegally.

Their interests were not in being a career politician to micromanage you the people.  They wanted equal protection for all and created the Constitution to ensure that.  But I seriously doubt they thought that the masses of people or you were stupid and unable to manage your affairs or have wisdom to see the truth.  Yet that has been the trend with career politicians.

We are currently locked in a brutal clash of political parties on ideology and pragmatic issues.  Ethics have been thrown out the window.  Real truth has taken a back door exit that will have future unintended consequences when you lose faith and trust in your government.

Ideologically you have been indoctrinated to be helpless without government help.  And those dwindling numbers of you that have figured out to help yourself, you are taxed more and more to punish you.  You lose your motivation to succeed and help others locally whom you know really need your help.

History has shown that most political promises are never delivered, but you as a voter are swayed none-the-less because of Pt.#3.  You will not see or care who pays for what you want.  You have been conditioned to get others like parents to give you what you want instead of learning how to get a work ethic to achieve your rewards.  In that kind of culture, you will not be motivated to work hard to help pay more taxes.

Today nearly every American believes the government has taken much from them in taxes, regulations, and freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution.  You believe the government owes you free stuff to compensate for your losses.  You learn to play the “blame game.”

It’s everyone else’s fault why you cannot succeed.  You forget personal accountability. (Pt.#4) You have succumbed to “learned helplessness.”  If you pay more in taxes taking away some of your reward for hard work you are upset with those who are unwilling to work hard to help themselves. You get upset with politicians who promise and give away your hard-earned tax dollars to those who are capable of working at something.

You prefer to be independent when have a job that pays a decent wage to pay for your needs.  But if you are unemployed, you have no idea how or are unwilling to retrain yourself for what employers need with changes in technology.

College students continue to take courses in career paths that have little chance of employment after graduation.  They are also unwilling to work as interns for free to gain valuable experience, but will find a party instead. (Pt.1)

My mother had a phrase for all this.  She said to me, “Don’t walk by a water fountain, and then complain of your thirst.”  My coach used to tell us that if the other guy is more talented you outwork them to win.

Using these four points, what are you willing to think about to make a better decision choosing the next President of the United States?  Will you neglect the truth put forth by Wiki Leaks that shows over time a consistent socio pathological liar?

Or, will you believe the labels and unproven accusations and innuendo to deny the intent of the candidate to try to put the country back on the right track to world leadership and help bring back jobs to all Americans?

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