If you live in the United States, the President is the Commander-In-Chief over all the military.  During President O’bama’s term more top brass have either been fired or resigned than any other previous President.

To be a strong leader requires followers.  So many have not been willing to follow the policies set forth by this President.  Great leaders consult with their subordinates to gather their opinion on matters they are more closely aligned and familiar with by their training and experience.

This notion would apply to any leader whether over military personnel or a sales team for a corporation.  Leaders must produce successful responses or they no longer have the respect of their subordinates.  This appears to be the case with so many firings and resignations that have weakened our overall military leadership.

Leadership is about winning.  War is war and collateral damage is unavoidable.  President Truman ordered atomic bombs be dropped on Japan.  The result saved several hundred thousand lives.  But the collateral damage was severe and more than that.

President Kennedy risked war with Russia to remove missiles they were setting up in Cuba that were an immediate threat to our security in the early 1960’s.  He was a former military officer who understood the risks for making that decision.

This blog is all about how to make better decisions based on four points seen at the top of every post.

Without first hand military experience it’s hard to understand how a Commander-In-Chief can lead without regard to his commanders with the knowledge and expertise in the field of battle.  They lead and command men and women who risk their lives to defend our freedoms which apparently now so many young millennials take for granted.

My strong suggestion to the media who may read this is to do a poll of the top brass military commanders who have been fired or resigned and ask them who they think should be the Commander-In-Chief since it comes up periodically as a topic.

Who of the two choices for our next President, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, would these leaders feel most comfortable being the Commander-In-Chief?  I’d like to know the percentages.  Good leaders are hard to come by.  It takes years of training and experience to make the best decisions under duress when at war to preserve our freedoms.

Who would consult with them and have their back so they could get the materials and support to do their jobs quickly and save more lives?

You cannot improve accountability in a micromanagement system as O’bama has tried to do.  He cannot do their job for them.  And he cannot rationalize his decisions not to act.

So I ask the media to create a simple poll to ask the military leaders anonymously who they would want to be their Commander-In-Chief?  And for all Americans and visitors to the United States, what do you see as most important?  Your loss of freedoms?  Your loss of security to live without fear of being attacked on the streets?  Or your loss of economic prosperity?

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