Last time I checked our country, the United States of America, is run by business.  Most business are small to medium sized companies.  They employ the most people and not big business like General Electric or Hewlett-Packard as you may think.

It makes sense that to know how to create jobs in that area you’d have to know how to run a business and make a profit.

GDP is our Gross Domestic Product figure.  It represents what we actually produce and consume or export.

We averted an economic collapse when several big banks and insurance companies made huge business blunders taking advantage of loopholes in regulations.  The result was to over regulate and make it hard for small to medium sized businesses to get started and make a profit.

It only makes sense that a business is making a profit because of the quality of their product that consumers want that they’d want to reinvest and grow their company.  With that growth more people are hired to make and ship the products.

All those new hires pay taxes that in turn support the government.  But then why make it so hard for any business to grow?

Research the GDP over the last 10-30 years and you’ll get a better picture how regulations affect business growth and sustainability to hire more workers.

Research how companies cannot find enough qualified workers to do the jobs they are posting.  Where are the changes to American public education run by the government bureaucracy?  Maybe it is better to let education be managed by local control or by the States.

The media reports the last time an American President was elected with a business background was Harry Truman 1948-1952.  So for the past 64 years we’ve elected politicians with little or no business experience.  And where are we now?

Maybe it’s time we elected a business man with proven results to get our country rolling again.  Someone who is a hands-on owner who gets buildings built under budget and ahead of deadlines. To be that successful you have to listen to your employees and contractors.

Or if you are the Commander-In-Chief you listen to your Generals.  I have a Ph.D. but also know intelligence is specific.  We are all not Mensa candidates.  A long time ago I learned that part of being smart is to know what you are dumb at.

You have to know how to negotiate when it’s your money and not the American taxpayer’s footing the bill for all the mismanagement and mistakes of Congressmen who never have to atone for their errors but still keep their jobs.  Some fools even get re-elected after selling us down the river!  And people stupidly put money in their re-election tin cup which after they quit running they get to keep. Oh sure, they pay a tax on that, but wouldn’t you like to retire with $15,000,000?

We certainly can’t do any worse than what we’ve had for the past 64 years!

Yes, it is time for a change from the same old ways with poor outcomes.  Let’s look at who gets the most proven successful results!  Who would you want to negotiate for you?  Clinton or Trump?

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