Subtle Plan How Muslims Want to Infiltrate

Subtle Plan: How Muslims Want to Infiltrate


I have several friends who get confidential information from a variety of sources.  One sent me this message a few years ago about how Muslim males will immigrate to other countries.

They will use their charms to find young women who want and need to be loved so they will drop their defenses.  Then get these vulnerable young women to marry them and proceed to convert them to their faith.

It’s gets better.  A normal family today will maybe have two to three children.  But the Muslim man will want to produce as many children as possible and raise them as Muslims.

You can imagine how over a short time of only a few generations this will affect the balance of religions in any region.  Conflicts have to ensue when you have so many different religious views – even within the same religion.

Now analyze what has just happened in 2014-2016 in the Middle East with the exodus from Syria of so many able bodied young males.  Eastern and Western Europe have been flooded.

Horrific conflicts have ensued.  Many innocent people have been killed.  And there appears to be no let-up in sight.

Muslims have no desire to change their culture to be absorbed by and live in another culture with different laws.  They will want to practice what is familiar and customary to them as would any immigrant.

Muslim women do not have the same rights as the men.  They appear to be more like property than to allow opinions and ideas to flow forth.  They have to dress head to toe, cannot drive a car, and are more like a slave to the man’s wishes.  They don’t have a vote.  If they disagree Sharia Laws dismantle those kinds of thoughts.

For obvious reasons point # 1 for the males to go for pleasure and avoid pain will not help them conform to new laws when their cultural hormones are out of control.

Point # 2 they will rationalize anything to get what they want.  Those true beliefs are hard to corral in any society much less one that must absorb so many immigrants at one time.  With no control over how they are vetted to be productive members of the society where they choose to live, that becomes very risky and a huge burden on that economy.

Point # 3 the more you do for those who could help themselves while very humane also breeds dependency and economic ruin so that those who really need help suffer more.  Necessity is still the mother of invention.

Point # 4 you cannot build accountability in a micromanagement system.  New immigrants are only going to follow the laws they are familiar with.  And since most of the countries that have allowed massive immigration are now frustrated with the disdain for law and order.  Most notably Sweden went to deport nearly 40% of the refugees that went there.  Turkey finally had to close off its borders to all refugees.

But recall that most European countries and the U.S. were founded on Judeo-Christian Laws and values that many Muslims have no familiarity with or care to live by.  Therein lies the conflicts that will continue in horrific forms.  Lack of knowledge is one thing, but lack of respect is another.

Perhaps as the Prime Ministers of Canada and Australia wrote a few years ago.  I will paraphrase. “If you have dual citizenship and want to practice Sharia Law, then you should go live in a country that practices Sharia Law.”

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