Last time I checked our country, the United States of America, is run by business.  Most business are small to medium sized companies.  They employ the most people and not big business like General Electric or Hewlett-Packard as you may think.

It makes sense that to know how to create jobs in that area you’d have to know how to run a business and make a profit.

GDP is our Gross Domestic Product figure.  It represents what we actually produce and consume or export.

We averted an economic collapse when several big banks and insurance companies made huge business blunders taking advantage of loopholes in regulations.  The result was to over regulate and make it hard for small to medium sized businesses to get started and make a profit.

It only makes sense that a business is making a profit because of the quality of their product that consumers want that they’d want to reinvest and grow their company.  With that growth more people are hired to make and ship the products.

All those new hires pay taxes that in turn support the government.  But then why make it so hard for any business to grow?

Research the GDP over the last 10-30 years and you’ll get a better picture how regulations affect business growth and sustainability to hire more workers.

Research how companies cannot find enough qualified workers to do the jobs they are posting.  Where are the changes to American public education run by the government bureaucracy?  Maybe it is better to let education be managed by local control or by the States.

The media reports the last time an American President was elected with a business background was Harry Truman 1948-1952.  So for the past 64 years we’ve elected politicians with little or no business experience.  And where are we now?

Maybe it’s time we elected a business man with proven results to get our country rolling again.  Someone who is a hands-on owner who gets buildings built under budget and ahead of deadlines. To be that successful you have to listen to your employees and contractors.

Or if you are the Commander-In-Chief you listen to your Generals.  I have a Ph.D. but also know intelligence is specific.  We are all not Mensa candidates.  A long time ago I learned that part of being smart is to know what you are dumb at.

You have to know how to negotiate when it’s your money and not the American taxpayer’s footing the bill for all the mismanagement and mistakes of Congressmen who never have to atone for their errors but still keep their jobs.  Some fools even get re-elected after selling us down the river!  And people stupidly put money in their re-election tin cup which after they quit running they get to keep. Oh sure, they pay a tax on that, but wouldn’t you like to retire with $15,000,000?

We certainly can’t do any worse than what we’ve had for the past 64 years!

Yes, it is time for a change from the same old ways with poor outcomes.  Let’s look at who gets the most proven successful results!  Who would you want to negotiate for you?  Clinton or Trump?

Subtle Plan How Muslims Want to Infiltrate

Subtle Plan: How Muslims Want to Infiltrate


I have several friends who get confidential information from a variety of sources.  One sent me this message a few years ago about how Muslim males will immigrate to other countries.

They will use their charms to find young women who want and need to be loved so they will drop their defenses.  Then get these vulnerable young women to marry them and proceed to convert them to their faith.

It’s gets better.  A normal family today will maybe have two to three children.  But the Muslim man will want to produce as many children as possible and raise them as Muslims.

You can imagine how over a short time of only a few generations this will affect the balance of religions in any region.  Conflicts have to ensue when you have so many different religious views – even within the same religion.

Now analyze what has just happened in 2014-2016 in the Middle East with the exodus from Syria of so many able bodied young males.  Eastern and Western Europe have been flooded.

Horrific conflicts have ensued.  Many innocent people have been killed.  And there appears to be no let-up in sight.

Muslims have no desire to change their culture to be absorbed by and live in another culture with different laws.  They will want to practice what is familiar and customary to them as would any immigrant.

Muslim women do not have the same rights as the men.  They appear to be more like property than to allow opinions and ideas to flow forth.  They have to dress head to toe, cannot drive a car, and are more like a slave to the man’s wishes.  They don’t have a vote.  If they disagree Sharia Laws dismantle those kinds of thoughts.

For obvious reasons point # 1 for the males to go for pleasure and avoid pain will not help them conform to new laws when their cultural hormones are out of control.

Point # 2 they will rationalize anything to get what they want.  Those true beliefs are hard to corral in any society much less one that must absorb so many immigrants at one time.  With no control over how they are vetted to be productive members of the society where they choose to live, that becomes very risky and a huge burden on that economy.

Point # 3 the more you do for those who could help themselves while very humane also breeds dependency and economic ruin so that those who really need help suffer more.  Necessity is still the mother of invention.

Point # 4 you cannot build accountability in a micromanagement system.  New immigrants are only going to follow the laws they are familiar with.  And since most of the countries that have allowed massive immigration are now frustrated with the disdain for law and order.  Most notably Sweden went to deport nearly 40% of the refugees that went there.  Turkey finally had to close off its borders to all refugees.

But recall that most European countries and the U.S. were founded on Judeo-Christian Laws and values that many Muslims have no familiarity with or care to live by.  Therein lies the conflicts that will continue in horrific forms.  Lack of knowledge is one thing, but lack of respect is another.

Perhaps as the Prime Ministers of Canada and Australia wrote a few years ago.  I will paraphrase. “If you have dual citizenship and want to practice Sharia Law, then you should go live in a country that practices Sharia Law.”


Peace or Conflict?


For the past two years I have listened to news reports of the growth of religious Muslim radicals.  As a behaviorist I try to see both sides of issues to apply my four points to help others make better short and long term decisions.

On the peace side I see millions of Muslims here in the U.S. and all over the world integrating themselves into other cultures.  To live in a foreign country, you must agree to abide by their laws and customs.  That is how peace and order are maintained.

On the radical side, I see growing groups who interpret the Koran very differently.  They are represented by percentages of the total Muslim population, and that small percentage of radicals is still a very high number.

And where are they all going to infiltrate and spread their radical message through fear and intimidation?  How is that culture populating the world to their views?

What is the Koran and what does it say in literal terms for radicals to interpret and fuel their cause?  That if you are not a Muslim you are to be killed?  If you are a Muslim and advocate for peace among all faiths, you are an Infidel and must also be killed?

Must you practice Sharia Law?  Or must you live by the laws of the country where you want to live in peace?  Forget the communal living within a country.  You are still bound by the laws of that country.

There have been many religious wars.  This concept is not new.  But the application of my four points is new to make better decisions.  Point #2 “Anyone can rationalize anything to get what they want.”  And point #3 “You can’t build accountability in a micromanagement system.”

If the world of nations is aggravated by the senseless attacks against innocent people, then they must more strongly encourage Muslim members to make changes or suffer harm such as being denied immigration.  Or live in peace without being harassed.

Here is what I don’t understand.  If the majority of Muslims want to live in peace why don’t they assemble all the Koran scholars, Emons, and Clerics they can to a conference and rewrite the Koran to bring it up to peace-loving modern times?

King James of England brought scholars together and they rewrote the Bible so it could be properly read in English.  That new version of the Bible was published in 1611 and is used by most all Christian faiths today.

Heinous atrocities committed in the name of God with the promise of eternal life?   That is a bad omen that could be rewritten.

Why not follow what the Buddhist Monk said centuries ago, “If you can’t help people, certainly don’t harm them.”

History tells us that when enough pain has been inflicted people want it to stop.  Then they take drastic measures.  Point #1, “You go for pleasure and avoid pain.”

The resultant blood bath will harm more innocent people but unfortunately the root cause will still remain to resurface in another form if it is not rewritten and followed by future generations of peace-loving Muslims.

How Behaviorists Are Different From Psychologists

the_thinker_90The most prominent behaviorist was B.F. Skinner.  In simple terms, he explained that the brain is like a black box.  The difficulty is in what the mind is thinking.

BF Skinner Black Box

Information in the form of sensory cues and learned strategies go in as input. Observed behaviors or performance comes out as output.  Using the body’s senses, a learner can be conditioned to observe their output to compare to that of a top performer, a perfected model, or their own immediate past performance to see if they are improving.  A feedback loop from output back to the input allows the learner to make adjustments to their next input by changing the sensory cue to focus on.  When the correct cues and strategies yield the correct performance output, the learner has been conditioned to have improved responses to the modified stimulus cues.  The diagram below shows how a conditioned response is made.

Diagram S-R CR

A psychologist is trained to go back through your performance history to learn where your mind created the inappropriate responses to stimulus cues you were subjected to at that time in your life.  You may or may not have had any control over the kinds of stimulus cues or your environment.  Through question and answer counseling sessions, the psychologist tries to analyze and pinpoint stimulus events that altered your behaviors.

The psychologist tries to open the black box and the behaviorist does not to only focus on input and output. Psychologists are clinically trained and licensed to practice asking you probing and sometimes painful questions to help you understand your difficulties today in order to move your life forward in a positive manner.

Behaviorists like coaches, teachers, parents, and managers make observations to compare current with past performance and want to see an improved change in your behavior to produce a better positive performance outcome.  It is wise to copy what top performers do and also try to understand their thinking process to improve personal performance outcomes.

Today there are very few theoretical behaviorists.  The last prominent educational behaviorist was Robert Gagné, a professor, who died several years ago in his 90’s, and was best known for helping instruct military personnel using his Nine Events of Instruction model.

In the coming days and weeks, I will explain how the violation of behavioral rules has led to failures in everything from government policy, economic strategy, and welfare and education reform to current events making the daily news.

Human behavior is what it is.  When you learn how to apply irrefutable psychological principles and behavioral rules prior to the decisions and actions you take, you can increase your odds for short and long term success.